Third Party Professionals


Rich Graves, CPA

Phone: (410) 758-8785

Brandon K. Angell

Phone: (410) 822-6950

Bergey & Company, P.A.
Amanda Kiesewetter

Phone: (410) 641-1101


Frame & Frame
Tara Frame

Phone: (410) 643-2202

Arlette Bright, P.C.

Phone: (443) 736-3044

Parker Counts
Ann Karwacki Goodman

Phone: (410) 822-1122

The attorneys (or applicable third party professionals) listed above are provided as a convenience to our clients and do not represent a recommendation or an endorsement of these attorneys (or applicable professionals). These parties are not affiliated with Atlantic Financial Group or NYLIFE Securities LLC or it's affiliates. Choosing a third-party advisor is strictly the client's choice and responsibility.