Our Process

What we offer at the Atlantic Financial Group, LLC is a "Process". This process lets you look at where you are today and compares it to where you would like to be in the future, and looks at the ways of getting from one place to the other if they differ.

The process initially consists of us asking you questions for the primary purpose of you listening to your own answers. In listening to your own answers, you can make sure of where you are today, and should begin to better understand where you would like to be in the future, especially if you haven't given it a lot of thought like most of us. You may even discover that you have questions of your own. Which we'll jot down and get answered or that you need to gather more information.

When you're satisfied that we have the right picture, we can take it back and review it and we can also have the information reviewed by experienced professionals in complete confidence and anonymity. We'll look for problems that may keep you from getting where you want to be. We might not find any problems, but if we do we will offer observations and suggestions to address those problems. Then we'll put it all together and bring it back so you can take a look.

In reviewing the observations and suggestions, you may agree that you have problems, which need solutions or you may not. You may agree that you have problems, but don't agree with the suggested solutions. In any event we promise two things will come out of this process.

We promise we will help you crystallize your goals, and we promise to help you take action to achieve those goals. The ultimate purpose of this process is to help you to achieve peace of mind that can only come from knowing that you are taking the necessary action to achieve your goals and that all of your affairs are in order.

Whether it be from a retirement planning issue or concern, to a complicated estate plan. We promise to help you solve a problem and not sell a product.